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Gabriel Technology (HK) Limited is proud to have granted the waste producer, waste collector and waste disposal licences to handle used waste lead-acid batteries from "cradle to grave" by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, (EPD). 


In Hong Kong, the process of treating chemical waste has been regulated. A unique trip ticket system has been adopted to further reduce the chance of illegal dumping and inappropriate treatment.

Before disposing the chemical waste, the waste producer will have to apply and obtain a chemical waste producer license from EPD. The waste producer will then need to complete a set of three forms, also known as the ‘trip ticket’, before the chemical waste is being collected and removed from the premises.

Under this system, one copy (PINK) of the trip ticket has to be kept by the waste producer, the second copy (YELLOW) of the trip ticket will be retained by the waste collector upon delivery of the waste to a reception point, and the original copy (WHITE) of the trip ticket will be retained by the disposal facility.

Waste Disposal Site's (Original) Copy (WHITE)

Gabriel Technology (HK) Limited have our own disposal facility to handle the used waste lead-acid batteries in an environmental friendly way.

Waste Collector's Copy

We have our waste collection vehicle team to pick up the waste from your premises within Hong Kong.

Waste Producer's Copy

As a responsible citizen, you need to register as a waste producer before we can collect the used waste batteries from you. The steps are easy and let us show you how!